Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My New Fitness Program

I wanted to stop by and let you all know the news in my fitness life.

Nicole found this amazing Groupon. She bought it for herself and fell in love. She encouraged me to try it too!

The Groupon is for a fitness place really close to my home. Body By Design is a small gym that works solely on weight loss. Joey, the owner, is incredible. I took my first class with him last week and I was addicted!

Last night, we met and talked about nutrition, goals and what has kept me from being successful in the past.  He weighed me and took my body fat percentage. The whole time, he was so encouraging and amazing!

After our meeting, I attended another boot camp class. These classes are usually 8-12 people and every single person is super encouraging and wants to see you succeed. I have never experienced a gym or fitness atmosphere filled with so many kind words and smiles!

We did something last night in class called "Indian Runs". Basically, we all line up in a single-file line and start a light jog. The person in the back of the line has to then sprint up to the front of the line and then set the pace for the team. We did these for 5-minute intervals (and when we couldn't go any longer, we would do high knees with dumbbells until the group finished).

Well, every time it seemed like it was my turn to sprint, we were going uphill (just my luck!) What I didn't expect is that EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I jogged past (yes, jog -- the fastest I could!) encouraged me and motivated me. Not one person laughed or was even quite as I passed.

Picture it. A 320+ pound lady is jogging past you, struggling the whole way. What would you do?

If you were that big girl running past 10-12 other people... what would you expect as you passed?

Let me tell you... I NEVER expected to hear the encouragement. I have conditioned myself to look inside to find my inner fire and never to expect it from anyone else. I have actually learned to shut out other people while I work out so that I don't feel so ashamed of my lack of fitness.

This group is LIFE.CHANGING.

If you remember my trainer issues from the past (if you don't - here's a link to the blog)

We tried going back to the trainer -- but he would consistently make fun of us, call us slackers, or just sit and text while we worked out (with improper form). Joey showed me how to do a proper squat in 30 seconds or so -- when my old trainer had not showed me in over a year -- plus I had little to no accountability OR progress with the other trainer.

Joey (the owner) told me that trainers like that are NOT allowed in his center. His team is so encouraging. Just walking up to the building if someone sees you they will be encouraging and seem excited that you came that day!

He also told me that if I can continue my healthy eating and come to a boot camp class 3-4x/week I can expect to lose 100 pounds over the next year. He showed me examples of his clients that are dropping 3 pounds per week.

Basically, this place is like the Biggest Loser without the TV crews and the crazy unrealistic amount of working out.  It's Biggest Loser in real life!

Honestly, I don't care if I make it to 100 pounds a year. I want to be at the gym. THAT gym. It is amazing to be there. Both times that I have gone to a boot camp, I have sweat more than I have ever sweat before in a workout. Who would think 45 minutes of no machines, no screaming trainers and do-what-you-can-but-push-yourself-to-be-your-best attitude.

I am SO happy and feeling sore but great!!

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  1. Dude. I'm so excited for you! And mildly jealous that I don't live near you. This place sounds AMAZING!!!!