Monday, November 19, 2012

Accountability: One picture at a time

So far this month, I have dropped 10 pounds.  I am excited and it is really helping my goals... but I need to keep going and I needed a next plan of attack. Today I decided that I need a little more accountability in terms of workouts. As I was working out today, I came up with this idea!

I always have my cell phone on me, so at the end of every workout, I am going to snap a picture! When I am around a computer, I am going to post the picture along with a short description of the workout and if I had to modify it at all, etc.

This serves in two purposes: 1- accountability 2 - tracking my overall progress!

So... onto Day 1:

Today I hit it hard with a 14-minute video from the fitness page: a Bollywood Burn workout!  OK, I know that it sounds CRAZY, but I was really into it! For me, if I am going to do a workout video, it really has to keep me engaged and entertained. It is just too easy to press the "off" button and walk away... which unfortunately enough that is something I have done!

Anyway, in terms of the video, it was really fun. There were bits of stretching, fast cardio and lulls of slowdown too! I did need to modify some things, especially the hopping and doing 30 other things at once. Frankly a 350 pound girl should never be asked to hop 2x/second... ever.

If you are interested in checking out the video for yourself, click here!

I definitely recommend the video, so check it out the next time you need to switch up your cardio - or you are trapped inside in a blizzard!


  1. Commenting so you know I'm stalling you. :-) I totally going to try the video on SP. Looks like fun! Also, I think it's a great idea for accountability. (SP Name: LazyRae42, FB: Moni Rae)

  2. So, I'm a while behind, but I love your idea of posting pictures after your workouts. Do you have more??