Thursday, April 12, 2012

Personal Trainer... Advice Needed!

I can't believe I haven't blogged since NOVEMBER!  Let's light this fire back up, shall we?

Last time I wrote, I talked about some frustrations I was having with my trainer. I wanted to continue with that topic... so here goes a rant! I apologize in advance for the venting, but I want to see if I can get any feedback.

Unfortunately, this hasn't gotten much better.

Truth: He was getting better and not rescheduling as often, but now he will not make an appointment with us until the morning of the day we want to work out - and all of his other clients have put in their time requests!

For example, if we have a training session on a Monday evening, at the end of the session he will ask us when we can do our next session. We generally say Wednesday evening and find a time that works for the both of us. For this example, let's say 5pm like we did this week. He will reply with "that should work, I will text you for sure."  We will not hear from him until Wednesday morning, and by then his schedule is full from 4:00 through 7:00.  That might work for other people, but he knows that I like to get my workout in right away after work, with a little give or take with timing... but at the same time I am a mom and my daughter's nighttime routine is extremely important to me.

We have pre-paid for 20 sessions and last night was our 13th.  I really wish that he would be committed to us as much as we need him to be... we pay him $39 per 30 minute small group session (2 people instead of just 1).  It's not like he is a FREE trainer! He has also cancelled on us last minute to go drinking with his girlfriend and/or go workout with his buddies at a different gym. Basically, I find him quite unprofessional and he isn't living up to my $39 payout!

This is a picture of my trainer that hangs in our gym - advertising his services.

Maybe it's just me, but I get annoyed that I am paying someone to text his friends and barely pay attention to me while I am paying him to push me and make my workouts more efficient and increasingly difficult! I have noticed that Nicole and I do almost every exercise from our circuits differently - but he never corrects either of us... and isn't there only a certain way to do a push-up on a bar? Oh, and when I keep pushing myself to the place where I am so dizzy I almost fall off of the stepper? He laughs and says "If you would have fallen, I would have put you on YouTube!" Yeah, that really happens.

Last night during our workout, after he said that crazy blackmailing of YouTube line, I asked my trainer if he actually has ever posted a video of a client on YouTube. He starts laughing and said "Yeah! This guy was on a yoga ball and was doing chest presses..." I knew what was coming next when he continued "The ball popped underneath him and he fell flat on the floor." I was stunned but he just started laughing uncontrollably.

Just like I said, he is lacking professionalism.  I understand that not everyone can be "right there" with their clients for the entire 30 minutes, but I would like to think that he actually cares about my fitness and health... instead of just collecting his profits.

At this point, I wish that my gym had another trainer I could switch to, but he is the only trainer at the gym, which makes it that much more difficult.  Nicole seems to like our trainer - they talk like buddies while we train, but I am at my wits end. What do you all think? Am I over reacting? Should I look for someone new? If so, how?


  1. I heard Dolvette on the radio here in DC say that overweight people need to find a trainer that has trained overweight people. He said if you are 100 pounds overweight don't go to a trainer that only trains athletes. I frankly wouldn't go back to him. You could get hurt. It sounds like he doesn't care. Maybe it was Bob Harper who said it on Biggest Loser the other night. Either way. Find a new trainer. This guy sounds like a dick.

  2. Thanks Chrystal. When I think about it, he told Nicole that he was shocked that we could move and were as capable as we were... being the size we are. At the time I was proud of myself but now I wonder if he just doesn't see people that size move?!?!

  3. Oh my gosh. He sounds like a huge dick, and I really feel sorry that you prepaid with him. Is there no out clause at all? I think if you pressured the gym manager to get him to refund you he might, based on that fact that he basically threatened to expose you publicly (surely there are privacy policies that apply), that he doesn't know his craft (doesn't instruct you on your form), laughs at you etc. If you put it in a written letter they might act on it, either get you a different trainer or refund your money. I would get away from him - and fast.

  4. Oh Holly, you're not over reacting at all. This gym is a tool! Is he independently contracted through the gym? Or is he an actual employee of it? Cause I would say something to them, maybe demand a refund or at the very least be able to switch with someone else who will respect not only what you are accomplishing but you as well. That's great that Nicole likes him, but if you're frustrated and not feeling it, eventually it will stem through into your work out and make you unmotivated to keep going. I wish you the best honey!