Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Frutrations

Happy Monday!  I know that I jut blogged last night, but upon my arrival at work I found that my server is down and because my server is down, I cannot answer phones, do any work, and basically in limbo just waiting. Unfortunately this does not mean I can go home early since my office doubles as a showroom & customers can still come in.

This morning my mom woke me up at 6am because my car was in her way to leave for work. After I moved my car, I had an internal debate about what to do next: gym or more sleep. Let me tell you, I thought about it for 15 minutes and I am not proud to tell you that the gym did not win. :-(  My reasoning at the time? I would still be @ work 12 hours from that hour and it seemed like too long of a day. Seriously!?!? I am still kicking myself!

I kept telling myself how great workouts make me feel, but my mind just wouldn't listen. When wll the connection happen so I won't have the internal struggle anymore? When will I realize that spending an hour at the gym will add time to my life? My body and mind crave the gym, but when I have the opportunity, I am consistently talking myself out of it! How can I get this to change? Honestly, I think it will just take going against myself and going anyway. I know I can, I know I need it, I know I want it, now I just need to put my thoughts and desires to work FOR me and not against me!

So here I am at work, making my battle plan. If I am just roaming aimlessly, I will head right to my closet, get my workout clothes on and conquer my own deamons. I will overcome this internal battle because I hav to. No one else can do it for me!

As for my trainer, well I'm honestly not sure where I'm at with that. He has been really flaky lately and has cancelled on Nicole three times now. It's really discouraging because I want to work with him but he said he needed to meet with her before determining if we would be a good match for group training or not. If he can't keep 3/4 appointments we have made so far, how can we be sure he will show up when we ned him? Maybe the $$ will be a motivator for him, but I don't want that to be his reason to show up and beat me up, you know?

So there is a lot on my mind this Monday morning... all comments & feedback is strongly appreciated.


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